New blog!

Welcome to the new blog for America's Impact.

America's Impact is a non-partisan organization of foreign policy professionals dedicated to advancing a pragmatic approach to US engagement with the world. We advocate for preparing our military to confront 21st century threats, engaging diplomatically with both allies and adversaries, and integrating foreign aid as a critical aspect of US national power.

By supporting candidates who embrace a comprehensive approach to defense, diplomacy, and development, we hope to build a more secure, prosperous, and influential America.

America's Impact was previously Foreign Policy Professionals for Obama (FPPfO), an independent grassroots organization of foreign policy professionals devoted to promoting then-Senator Obama's foreign policy programs and advancing his national security credentials. With over 1,500 members in several chapters throughout the United States, FPPfO promoted Obama's agenda through large networking events, intimate briefings with experts, media outreach, fundraising, and grassroots voter outreach. Following the 2008 election, FPPfO assumed leadership of America's Impact, a political committee active since 2002 to elect candidates for Congress with progressive foreign policy positions.

please visit AmericasImpact.org for more information!