Speaker Series Event: William LeoGrande, PhD: US Foreign policies toward Cuba

Prof. William LeoGrande will speak on the topic of US foreign relations with Cuba and provide us with insights regarding second- and third-order effects of potential changes to our current policies towards Cuba.

Prof. LeoGrande is a frequent adviser to government and private sector agencies. He has written five books, including Our Own Backyard: The United States in Central America, 1977 – 1992. Most recently, he was co-editor of A Contemporary Cuba Reader: Reinventing the Revolution. Previously, he served on the staffs of the Democratic Policy Committee of the United States Senate, and the Democratic Caucus Task Force on Central America of the United States House of Representatives. Prof. LeoGrande has been a Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow, and a Pew Faculty Fellow in International Affairs. His articles have appeared in various international and national journals, magazines and newspapers.


Glover Park Group, (Auditorium B.) Gallery Pl/Chinatown, 1025 F Street NW # 9 Washington, DC

Wed., July 11, 2012

6pm - Doors open
6:30pm William LeoGrande of American University
7:00-7:15 wrap-up & migrate to District of Pi Pizzeria

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